Outside the ChurchThe porch and sundial


Above the porch is a sundial. It is dated 1867 and is enscribed with the words Carpe Diem: Seize the day.

Scratch dial

Barely visible, on the exterior of the south wall, (to the right of the porch about 6 feet from the ground) is an ancient "scratch dial" or mass clock. Little is known about the primitive dial, but it is thought that its purpose was to indicate the canonical hours to the priest. The hole in the centre would have housed the gnomon, or style, as on a sundial.

The door

The shape of the stones around the top of the door give a clue that it was originally a single door.

Marks on the base of the towerMarks on the tower

The Battle of Bosworth Field was fought nearby in 1485. It is thought that the marks on the base of the tower were caused by members of an army who were sharpening their weapons.

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